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We have a new book coming out in 3 weeks about Red and the orgin sotry of his horse Shilo. With a new year comes new projects. Sorry for the delay on the books but we have been going through some corp restructuring and it's all good!!!! We have some things to tackle but the books should be back on track come July. Our TV pilot pitch is till being polished up and should be ready in a few.










Check out the end of Book One of Origins and our new imges from our animated series Pitch production. Book 2 is coming next month!!









We started production on our TV series trailer and have updated some new pages for Fist Full of Magic: Origins. We are pitching the series this coming October. Check out the series development on our link above and the new pages when you get a chance!






Things are going down in the Mythological old west. Check out our new pages for both books hot off the digital press!



Hey guys we added new comic  pages to our site  and an easier way to read where you left off. Just click the COMICS section and you will get a list of all the books and pages to check out. Once the list is too big we will break the books up here on the site. FOR NOW ENJOY!!



New comics have been posted. Check them out in the comics section!

We are on the verge of a new week with the Game Developers Conference coming around the bin.   We will be there roaming the floor with our fellow  nerds.

3 / 16 /2013


New comic pages have been uploaded for Fist Full of Magic: Chaos War,  prelude to the game story line and Fist Full of Magic: Origins. CHECK THEM OUT NOW!!

3 / 11 / 2013
With a new year comes new creativity. We hope you are ready for an awesome year as we jump into the 3rd month of this spectacular run!!

In other news we have also released book one for Chaos War which is a prelude to the video game. You can see it's weekly episodes on this site in the COMICS section.

We are beginning to rev up for our Indie gogo campaign and we will keep you posted here and on THE GAME page!! Feel Free to down load our alpha demo and read all about the game!

Up and Coming books!!!!

Origins Book #2- Available in print in May / June -

We are introduced to the other Marshals and an unusual memory returns to Daniel that may help hold the key to his past.

Origins Book #3 -​

The marshals unite and find that they have been deceived.

​Fist Full of Magic Chaos War series #1-6

Daniel and his lawmen must prevent a war between the Necromancers,  Alchemists  and Elementals.

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