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Fist Full of Magic -Origins
 Book 1 - 7

In the old west things seem normal to everyone but Daniel Page, also known as Red. Gods walk among men and mythical creatures but only Daniel knows all isn't right. His memory is in fragments and he has an unexplained ability to summon another pair of arms. All would be great if he could just remember how he got it.

Daniel's abilities are sought after and is later recruited by the government to become an elite marshal called a Dead-eye. They take on the jobs that other marshals can't by hunting down rogue gods and deities that have broken the law. As Daniel carries on his journey and during his first adventure, he meets up with fellow marshals Clemens, Anna Belle, Red Hawk, and one marshal who calls himself Hikok. They each have unique powers and team up to take on the notorious Jericho Gang. The gang has taken Daniel's girl and they are on the hunt for the legendary weapons that helped win the civil war. Led by the Aztec god of war, they will kill anyone that stands in their way including the famous Dead Eye marshals.

Fist Full of Magic -Chaos War
Book 1 - 6

Travel a year later after the events in Origins and see Daniel as he tries to figure out why his fellow marshals did not show up at a designated point. He soon finds out that they have been deceived and are walking straight into an ambush designed by Set himself. Set is out to destroy the three wizard clans trying to free the Goddess of Chaos, his arch enemy. The goddess has promised that any clan that frees her will be granted great and unspeakable power.  The only real thing stopping Set are the Deadeye marshals and with them out of the way, he will be free to kill anyone that stands  against him.

Song "Final Tune"  used with permission by My Bubba and Mi

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